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Travelling in Dresden and Berlin, Germany 2007


Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony. It is one of the most beautiful German cities. The city is divided into old town and new town. The architecture with the Baroque style in the old town really attracts my interest. After being destroyed in 1945, many building were rebuilt.
The Church of our LadyDresden

I think that the Church of our Lady is very beautiful and it has an interesting history. This is Germany’s most important protestant church. Its characteristic dome collapsed on 15th February 1945 after the bombs raids. The church has since regained its originally appearance, largely through donations received from all over the world.

The Moritz Castle

Besides the Church of our Lady, I find other buildings, for example the City hall, Church of the Holy Cross, the Cathedral, the Zwinger, the Semper Oper House, the Moritz Castle and the Pillnitz Castle very interesting and beautiful. Those buildings showed that Germany has a good architecture and that Germany appreciates art, culture and history.

The Zwinger, Dresden
 During my stay in Dresden, I have visited the Volkswagen (VW) Glass Manufactory and Feldschloesschen Pilsener Beer Industry. I found it very interesting because it proved that Dresden is not only a city of art and culture but also a city of innovative ideas and creativity. The VW Glass Manufactory showed sophisticated architecture as the setting for an innovative combination of art and production. I think that the other Germany’s Industries are also very good and have excellent technology. The Germany’s industries really attract my interest.


The situation in Berlin is different than in Dresden. Berlin is really a big city. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is crowed and too big for me. I thought that I can be lost if I didn’t follow my guide. There are many interesting places to visit in Berlin. We made a city tour around Berlin and visited the Berlin Wall, Brandenburger Gate, Alexanderplatz, the Budy Bears Monument, Postdamer Platz, Holocaust Monument and Museum and the Deutsche Bundestag.

Paintings on the Berlin-Wall
One of my most invaluable experiences during my stay in Germany is visiting the Deutsche Bundestag. I haven’t ever visited a national congress building (Gedung MPR/DPR) even in my country, Indonesia. Therefore I find it very cool and interesting to visit the national congress building far away from my country and it is in Germany. Das ist echt Super! From this building we can have a beautiful overlook around Berlin.

The Deutsche Bundestag

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